Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a refill on my prescription?

To refill a prescription you can call, email or use the link on our website to reorder. If refills are needed on your prescription please give at least 2 days for the doctor to respond. We make every effort to refill prescriptions as quickly as possible. Giving us plenty of warning will allow us to ensure that we have enough supply to fill the entire prescription.

How do I switch Pharmacies?

Switching to West End Pharmacy is easy. Simply call the pharmacy at 519-273-7200 and we will do the work. We will contact your existing pharmacy to transfer your profile. This process usually takes one business day for a profile transfer.

I’m having difficulty remembering to take my medications. Do you have any solutions?

There are a number of things we offer to help you remember to take your medication as prescribed, including medication charts, weekly medication pill boxes and blister packs. In order to fully assess your medication compliance and individual needs, we can provide an annual medication review (MedsCheck) to Ontario patients taking 3 or more medications.

How should I dispose of my old medications?

West End Pharmacy has a free medication disposal service for old or expired medications. Simply bring them to our pharmacy to evaluate whether they can be safely used or whether you should leave them with us for proper disposal.

I leave for vacation before my refill is due. What should I do?

This will depend on where you plan to go on vacation, type of medication and on your drug plan. If you plan to vacation in Ontario, when needed, simply take your medication bottle/package to a pharmacy close to where you are staying and they will transfer and fill your prescription refill. The remaining refills can be transferred back to our store so that you can continue obtaining your refills on your return home. It is important to check well ahead of time with the pharmacy prior to travel to avoid any issues

Most drug plans will allow for vacation supplies if you are planning to travel out of province or overseas. If you have plans to go on vacation, we can help by checking your medications ahead of your vacation and advise you on the best way to handle your prescription supply while away.

When I went to fill my prescription refill, I was told that it was too early to fill I have some medication left but wanted to pick up my refill while I was in the store. Why is it not possible to get my refill?

There are two situations where you may be advised that your prescription is too early to fill “The first is where a prescription refill will not be paid for by your drug plan because it is deemed too early to fill. Drug plans will only pay for medications when you are within a few days of finishing your last prescription supply.

The second situation is when the doctor has specified a time interval. Between prescription refills and the request for the refill is short of this interval. In both these situations, it is assumed that your dosage has not changed. If you are taking more or less medication than your prescription states, you are advised to notify the pharmacy so that your prescription can be updated.

The pharmacist can request the necessary change to your prescription by calling the doctor. Adjusting your prescription will ensure the interval between refills is correct and this will avoid confusion when ordering your refill.

Can community pharmacies dispense cannabis or include a patient’s medical cannabis in their blister pack?

No. Under the federal Cannabis Act, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations prohibit pharmacies (or any retail outlet) from dispensing cannabis for medical purposes. A pharmacist cannot alter or repackage cannabis, or be responsible to obtain, possess, or distribute cannabis on behalf of a patient.

The holder of a federal license for sale for Cannabis for Medical Purposes must deliver directly to the patient, by mail and in the licensed processor’s original packaging, pursuant to an order from a health care practitioner.

Cannabis for recreational or non-medical purposes can only be distributed or sold through the online Ontario Cannabis Store or through privately run retail stores that have received a license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Community pharmacists are not exempt from the methodologies of distribution of cannabis outlined in the legislation. For additional information, please contact Health Canada’s Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Branch (CLRB) at